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In the World of Hotels and Real Estate projects
the world Adlon is a little bit a phenomenon
as the surname "Adlon"
is associated to Hotels and Hotel Residences
in many
different segments,
from Beach Resorts, Boutique Hotels, Luxury Grand Hotels,
Appartment Buildings to ultra economy Hostels,
the name Adlon covers many hospitality activities.

The amazing fact about
the Adlon Hotels
is that
rooms in different Adlon properties
are indeed set at
very different prices:

At the Hotel Adlon of Mumbai
for example you can find a basic room
for less than 40 USD.

A room at the Hotel Adlon of Lido di Jesolo varies with the season
between 93 USD in the winter
and 300 USD in the summer.

A Room at the Hotel Adlon of Stockholm is
most of the year around 250 USD

A Room at the Hotel Adlon of Berlin can rarely
be found for less than 250 USD,
the Adlon of Berlin also has
suites which cost over 4.000 USD.

To chec in at the luxurious
Adlon of Cape Coral
you need 1.550 USD
but you can bring your own boat

Discover a few Adlons
The Adlons Hotels are listed in chronological order

The Hotel Adlon of Stockholm was constructed in 1884.
It is located near the Central Train station.
The Boutique Hotel is a perfect location for both business people, tourists and shoppers.
The Hotels internet adress is
Hotel Adlon is now part of the Hotel chain Elite Hotels.
More about the fascinating history of this Swedish Hotel will be coming soon.
The Hotel might have been named after a Adlon family from Stockholm.

Hotel Adlon New York
The Adlon of New York has been in business since december 1912.
It has been designed by George and Edward Blum.
They were students at the famous Ecole de Beaux Arts.
They named the building after Lorenz Adlon from Berlin.
The Adlon Building has been in business for over a century.
The website is Adlon
Walking distance from Central Park and the famous 5th Avenue

The Hotel Adlon of Vienna is a beautiful Boutique Hotel opened in 1930 ?
The Hotel is famous for the design of each of their 48 rooms.
The Hotel also has bikes.
It owns the domain name Hotel
Since 2016 the Hotel Adlon is managed by Ana Hotels.

The Hotel Adlon of Riccione is a family Hotel in business since 1963.
The Hotel registered the domain Hotel
September 15 2000.
The Hotel has a beautiful location on the beach.
It is a great place for bikers.

The Hotel Adlon of
Lido di Jesolo near Venice is an Italian Hotel since 1976
The Hotel registered the domain Hotel Adlon Lido di
December 19 2005.
The Hotel is on the beautiful Lido di Jesolo Beach near Venice
more coming soon

The Hotel Adlon of Mariehamn is a classic Hotel opened in 1977 ?
more coming soon

Villa Adlon Castelldefels
Villa Adlon Solar of Castelldefelds near Barcelona was build in the 1990s
The Villa can be rented like a Hotel Suite and is located 850 m from the Beach
The Villa offers barbecue facilitieties.
The villa is listed on Booking and Cheap Hotels.

Hotel Adlon Berlin, photo wikipediaHotel Adlon Berlin 1995, photo Ralf Roletscheck
The Hotel Adlon of Berlin opened in 1997
It is an investment of Fundus Gruppe,
a Real estate company based in Düren, Germany.
The firm managed by Anno August Jagdfeld devellops
luxury real estate projects in Germany.
Jagdfeld who works with his sons likes luxurious locations with history,
he buys them and constructs or renovates elegant buildings.

Video about the Hotel Adlon of Berlin by Harrisson Travel
and Vanessa Pur

His wife Anne Maria Jagdfeld has a lot of taste and decorates many of the projects.
Others projects are Hotel Quellenhof in Aachen
or the once abandoned Grand Hotel Heiligendamm in north eastern Germany.

In 2007 the Jagdfeld family
also created
a "Adlon Brand Gmbh & Co KG".
The Jagdfelds and the brand company
have no family links with Lorenz Adlon,
founder of the Hotel Adlon of Berlin
nor any of his descendants.

2016 the brand company tried to register the Adlon name as a US trademark
in four Classes,
ranging from hotel reservation,
wine to night club and spa services
but the attempt was rejected by the US Trademark and Patent Office
considering the name Adlon as a surname.

What is a little amazing about the
Hotel Adlon of Berlin is that
Adlon Holding Betriebs and Verwaltungs KG, Berlin
has the domain name since 2000 July 10
without ever using it.

At the same time Fundus Hotelentwicklungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
tried in 2001 to get the domain through a Wipo courtcase.

After the bancrupcy of the Adlon Hotel in San Jose
the domain was not renewed and is since 2012 owned by Jason Newby
another investor from Ottawa, Ontario
... more coming soon
see also Hotel Adlon of San Jose.

For the Hotel Adlon of Berlin
there seams to be no .com website
including the Adlon name. was registered at some time
but the domain has not been renewed. (.de is the local internet code for Deutschland / Germany)
is registered by United Domains from Starnberg
and the website is not resolving.

You can find the Berlin Hotel through the Website

The Kempinski Hotel Chain, manager of the Adlon of Berlin
The Hotel Adlon of Berlin is managed by Kempinski,
a beautiful Luxury Hotel Chain founded over a century ago
by Berthold Kempinski, a competitor of Lorenz Adlon.
Both Kempinski and Adlon were based in Berlin
where they operated Hotel and Restaurant Businesses.

In the turbulent history of Germany Berthold Kempinski
lost all his Berlin properties because he was Jewish.
After the war his grandson sold the Kempinski name to german investors
that restarted a Hotel chain with the Kempinski name.

The historic Kempinski Hotel Bristol in Berlin was reopened.
The beautiful Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg became the second Kempinski Hotel.
Later the German investors which at some time incuded Lufthansa
sold the Kempinski chain to
investors from Thailand and Bahrain.

First Hotel Adlon of Berlin
A previous Hotel Adlon existeded in Berlin at the same location.
It was buit in 1907 by Lorenz Adlon with the help of the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

The Hotel burned down in 1945 a few weeks after the collapse of Nazi Germany.
It was initially owned by a family with the same name.
The Hotel founder's son Louis Adlon managed the Hotel
until the Soviets killed him in 1945.

The Adlon family from Berlin ... from Hoteliers to Actors & Film Producers

With the turbulances after World War II
the Hotelier's 5 children,
Susanne Adlon, Lorenz Jr Adlon, Carl Adlon,
Louis Jr Adlon and Elisabeth Adlon lost the Hotel
and the valuable real estate next to the Brandenburger Tor, emblem of Berlin.

Berlin was divided into 4 occupation zones,
the Adlon was located in the Soviet district.

Some of Louis Adlons children emigrated to the United States.
where they tried their luck
restarting a new Adlon businesses in the Hospitality Industry.

Percy Adlon, great grandson of Lorenz Adlon and son of Susanne Adlon
made a career on his own
not in the Hotel, but in the film industry.
Percy who once went to school with the aunt of the editor of this website
produced several well known films
including "Bagdad Café".
more about Percy Adlon coming soon ...

The first wife of his son Felix Adlon, the talented actress Pamela Adlon
is seen in many US TV shows.
Gideo Adlon, granddaughter of Percy Adlon
and great great granddaughter of Lorenz Adlon
is also an actrees seen in the film "When we rise".
Her sisters Rocky Adlon and Odessa Adlon might also become actresses.
more about Pamela Adlon coming soon ...

Hotel Adlon San Jose
Unfortunately the Hotel Adlon of San José California opened in 1999
a luxury Hotel, went out of business.
It had onced owned the domain name

The Hotel is interesting related to the history of the internet
as the domain was object of a decision at the
World Intellectual Property Organization and Mediation Center (Wipo).
In March 2001 Fundus Hotel Entwicklungs und Verwaltungsgesellschaft
owner of the Hotel Adlon of Berlin
tried to take the domain from the initial registrant,
who had already registered the domain 3 years earlier, September 28 1998.

Both Hotels, the Adlon of Berlin and the Adlon of San José
were constructed in the late 1990s.

Loopnet, a famous commercial property website from the US
describes the Hotel Adlon of San Jose as:
A rare jewel, one of a kind property.
Opulent and elegantly appointed this is a must see to appreciate property.
This property requires a special Buyer.

Villa Adlon Cape Coral
The V
illa Adlon of Cape Coral opened around 2000
The stylish exterior of the home makes is one of the most luxurious Adlons.
The property even includes a private dock.
You can park your own boat.
This Adlon is a place for the "rich and famous"
Like the Adlon of Castellon the Adlon of Cape Coral is great for barbecue lovers.
Villa Adlon can be booked through Dream vacation.

Hotel Adlon MumbaiHotel Adlon Mumbai
The Hotel Adlon of Mumbai opened in 2017.
It is an experiance of the Indian Hotel Chain Fab Hotels
which is currently operating 225 budget Hotels in 20 cities of India.
The idea of the Adlon Hotel in India is to combine
nicely designed Hotel rooms with ultra low rates.
The Adlon name might be added to other budget Hotels in India.
Discover the Hotel Adlon

There are a multitude of Hotels
in the neighbourhood of Adlon Road, Encio, California.
Several hundred Adlons live and lived in the US,
one of them might have inspired the city of Encio
to give the Adlon name a road.

Other generic Hotel names like
"Hotel Bristol"
or "Hotel Ritz"
usually remain in the same segment
even though their owners are all different,
most of them are Grand Hotels.

A basic room at the Hotel Ritz London
or at the Hotel Ritz Madrid
is rarely less than 600 USD
while the minimum price for a room at the
Hotel Ritz in Paris is never below 1200 USD.

We do not know about any
Bristol or Ritz Hotels
with ultra budget rates.

Hotel names in common parlance like
"Hilton" or "Sheraton",
which are worldwide hotel chains
always represent a similar standard.

This is not the case of Adlons,
making the Adlon Hotels a little
unique ...

Present of a Princess

was registered
a long time ago
during the early years of the Internet
with the idea to create
an Information portal about the many
Adlon Hotels around the globe.

The domain name was a present
of a Princess, an older Lady that enjoyed
internet lessons at a Cybercafe in Paris.

As an actress in Italy she knew
both Italian Adlon Hotels.
As a child she also knew the outside
of the Adlon of Berlin.
Berlin was the home of her mothers parents.

She knew many things about many Hotels
and she is mentioned
in the history of some of them
.... when she came to visit
as a young woman she was so beautiful
everybody was captivated by her appearance.
At that time she was a head of state
followed by all the paparazzis of the 1950s.

Unable to have children
her marriage came to an end.
As an old Lady she lived in Paris
where she was a litttle lonely.

She enjoyed our internet lessons
that connected her to young people
and while surfing through the web
she told us the most increadible Hotel stories.

Until Mai 2017 Hotel
was not much developped
only giving the possibility to book
different Adlons through
a Hotel Reservation Portal.

But the Adlon Hotels
are so full of history
that time
has come to write more about them.

Each Adlon
has his own history

Hotel is an independant website edited from Paris, France.
The site is not assiciated with any Adlon Hotel.
We love Hotel History.